For nine days we will create together an outdoor community imbued with the spirit of meditation. This will be a hardy wilderness camp in a beautiful field and woods close to Dechen Chöling Meditation Centre in France.

Building the camp together from the ground up, you will arrive to an almost entirely empty field, a fresh open space to take refuge in. Having spent a day hard at work, creating an uplifted space in which we can all live together, we will turn our attention to hosting ourselves and being with our community, to the basic sanity of that situation. Beneath the open sky we will meditate together and do daily sitting practice. There will be dharma talks and discussions. Together we can explore the path of basic sanity, fearlessly look at our experience and question how to authentically engage in our world. Believing that ultimately we have all the tools we need to join survival and celebration in our lives, we will draw as much inspiration and wisdom from the group as possible. To this end there will be opportunities for participants to lead workshops or host conversations about topics that are important to them, to share their skills, knowledge and passions, to look creatively at the ways we engage in and live in our world.

Expect meditation, conversation, nature walks, music, campfires, lots of hot sunshine and very cold starry nights. Expect set mealtimes, hard work, long days, composting toilets and not-so-hot showers…

Expect a challenging, authentic and rewarding week with like-minded young meditators.